Some insights from the training for EVALUATORS in Latvia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France & Greece
Trainings were organized in January / February 2014

For the training reasons there are 2 documents available in all partner languages upon request:
* BLUEPRINT for training / Version 1
* DAVE Competence framework of AETs

Short info about training for Evaluators:
The training programme is be based on the Manual, with 7 hours (one full day) face to face and 23 hours at a distance training. A free web based Open Source Content Management System is used for the training and Evaluators from the partner countries are invited to register and use this system. The training programme was addressed to 5 evaluators in every partner country during January & February 2014 and explained how to use the validation methodology. The evaluators are experienced senior AETs belonging to partner organizations. A total of 30 are trained in partner countries.