Main project results (materials to be used) will be following:

  • A review of competence profiles of AETs in partner countries and in Europe:
    The Study collects together researches done by Partners nationally in order to discuss and identify the DAVE competence profile of the Adult Education Trainer. Through questionnaires and in depth interviews, each Partner investigates the profession of Trainers to analyze and compare their competences and list them in cluster basing on their “importance” for the training activities.
    The Study contains the DAVE competence profile, which is the starting point for drawing the Expertise Check up Methodology
  • A review of the existing methods for validating competence of people at work:
    The Study aims at analyzing the methods used in each Partner Country to validate the competences of people at work, especially those of Adult Education Trainers.The Study helps the Partnership in developing the Expertise Check up methodology, that is the DAVE method to validate Trainer competences: the  picture of what is already existing and the identification of strengths and weaknesses of the existing methods helps to build something new and more efficient, taking into the highest consideration the European perspective
  • A blueprint for training AETs evaluators:
    The blueprint is the lessons plan for a blended training course, needed to train professionals in the Adult Education sectors on the Expertise Check up Methodology (the methodology developed by the DAVE Partnership for validating competences of Adult Education Trainers). The trained Experts have an important role in the Project as they test the Methodology with Trainers in order to give necessary feedback to ameliorate the Expertise Check up process.
  • The Manual for validation of competence of AETs:
    This is the main product containing:
    – Description of competence profile of AETs
    – Background and characteristics of the Expertise Check up Methodology
    – Explanation about the 3 levels of the Expertise Check up Methodology: 1. Self assessment exercise; 2. Interview n.1; Interview n.2

Final Versions of documents available here: