This Financial Information Kit is intended for grant beneficiaries under the different funding programmes managed by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The purpose of the Financial Information Kit is to provide practical and easy to read financial guidance to help beneficiaries avoid making mistakes that could result in a reduced grant contribution due to ineligible or unsubstantiated expenditure. It focuses on errors frequently identified during audits of projects.

This guidance does not replace any legal document on legal and/or contractual rights and obligations. For more information on legal and contractual rights and obligations, the beneficiaries should refer to the Grant Agreement or Decision, the Call for proposals or programme guides/handbooks.

The Financial Information Kit guidance comprises eight fact sheets. Each fact sheet deals witha specific error, summarises the minimum contractual conditions and explains what can go wrong. They include tips on avoiding pitfalls in grant management. The fact sheets cover:



Cash and bank management

Documentation, filing and record keeping

Modifications to the grant agreement

No profit

Payroll and time management

Travel & subsistence

Control and audit visits

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