After the training of expert adult education trainers (AETs), evaluators began implementing and testing the Check-up methodology. The testing of the methodology (pilot) included 15 AETs from each partner country, which equals 90 involved AETs from across Europe.  Each of the AETs were asked to complete questionnaires in regards to the usefulness, practicality and relevanteness of the D.A.V.E Manual. The findings of the testing phase were collocated into national reports by each partner institution and then again summarised into a final overall D.A.V.E. piloting report. The outcomes of this phase will be discussed and taking into consideration at the next D.A.V.E. project meeting in September.

Expert Trainer with Adult education trainer during the pilot interviews in Germany at the Volkshochschule im Landkreis Cham. AETs were asked to meet with the expert trainer at least during the pilot. The first feedback has been positive. Not only did the experts but also the AETs found the D.A.V.E. resources helpful and relevant to their field of work, especially the self-reflection section